Polar split in Göttingen -20 Celsius/-4 Fahrenheit

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In Bruges III – In Bruges in pandemic times … Brügge sehen in Corona Zeiten …

Check it out. I took my mom and nephew to see Bruges for their birthdays. I have never seen Bruges with so few people, which was great but since it was due to the CoVid-19 pandemic, we had to wear masks when we where walking in most parts of the old city … sure, wearing a mask out in public is a bit of a hassle, but it’s something we all need to get used to.

Tried the “traditional” Carbonade flamande (flemish beef stew) for the first time at “Bistro Brugis“. It was excellent.

We also got a reservation at “Ribs’n Beer” the next evening, where I tried a few exceptional beers, like the Mort Soubite Kriek Lambic and the Brugse Zot Dubbel, as well as enjoying their “All-you-can-eat” ribs with different rubs and BBQ sauces.

We stayed at the “Bourgoensch Hof“, right across from the Huidenvettersplein, in the center of the old city. A very welcome change from the Ibis Hotel at the train station, where I stayed the first two times I went to Bruges. Great breakfast service and our rooms had a splendid view of the canal.

There are lots of film locations from “In Bruges” all around the Bourgoensch Hof, like the reception of the “Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce“, where Marie confronts Ray and Harry and they decide that Ray should jump out the window and Harry will try to shoot at him from around the corner … see last photo in the gallery below.

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In Bruges II – Day & Night

Check it out. I took another short trip to Bruges from the 2nd until the 4th of January of the new year. Way too many tourists during the daylight hours, but delightfully few people at night, especially on January 3rd … Continue reading

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Kaunas – March 2019

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Warsaw – By night and by day – March 2019

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In Brügge – To see Bruges … and die

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Brügge bei Nacht – Bruges at night

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On a whim, on the eve of my birthday, I decided to drive to Brügge/Bruges, booked a cheap hotel room near the train station and left on Tuesday morning at 7 am for Bruges. I got there around noon, checked … Continue reading

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Copenhagen up close I

This gallery contains 23 photos.

These shots were taken in late August, early September of 2013 …

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About time I started posting again …

It’s been almost 2 years since I have taken this blog seriously, it’s time to reactivate it … and it’s gonna take a whole new direction.

First big change: I will start writing in English. German just limits the general audience of this blog … and I find it easier to write in English anyway, although German is my native language.

Second big change: I’ve not been back in Pittsburgh for about 16 months, so I will not be writing about me in Pittsburgh. My heart is bleeding, because I miss it so much, but on the other hand I’ve been traveling in Europe a lot these last 16 months, so I have a lot of material I can post. Pictures and videos mostly.

Since August of 2013 I’ve been traveling to Copenhagen, Denmarks capital, almost weekly. (This resulted in me joining the ranks of frequent flyer mile collectors and went from occasional traveler status to gold card holder in just 7 months, a very weird experience.) Most of my upcoming posts/galleries will be about Copenhagen and my exploits here.

But I also have a couple of vacations coming up. In April I will roadtrip down to Perugia, Italy and join my sister’s family on their Easter vacation in one of the most beautiful parts of Italy. And meet all my friends down there, some of which I haven’t seen in almost 5 years.

In May I will have my annual fishing trip to Hagfors, Sweden coming up. This year it will be fully documented, including fishing instruction videos, high-action catch and release drills and our shenanigans in the swedish outback. One of my buddies plans on bringing his scuba gear and I have a brand new GoPro Hero black camera. Let’s hope the swedish lakes have enough visibility to allow for some underwater filming as well.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for my first of many virtual photo galleries/albums coming within the next couple of days.


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Incredible critters of Pennsylvania – Trout fail No. 4

Auf meinem 4. Angelausflug an den Montour Run habe ich endlich wieder ein paar Fische fangen können. Den ersten, einen Barsch, vermutlich ein kleiner Black Bass, hab ich nicht fotografiert, weil ich meine Kamera nicht ausgepackt hatte und ich den kleinen Kerl so schnell wie möglich wieder in Wasser lassen wollte. Der zweite Fang des Tages war ein Pumpkinseed Sunfish (Gemeiner Sonnenbarsch), diesmal hatte ich meine Kamera bereit und konnte ein paar Fotos und sogar einen kurzen Film vom ‘Release’ machen:

Pumpkinseed sunfish, catch & release


Nicht alle Bilder in dieser Gallerie sind am selben Tag entstanden, ich habe einfach mal alle geglückten Natur- und Tierfotos der letzten Wochen zusammengefasst. Ist zugegebenermaßen nicht sehr viel, aber beim Angeln angelt man hauptsächlich, da bleibt keine Zeit für’s Fotografieren … ;o)


Sehr gefreut habe ich mich über das folgende Video und die Art wie es entstanden ist. Freitag abend habe ich mich mit einem Buch bei ca. 25 Grad und Sonnenschein an den Montour Run gesetzt, ziemlich nah am Hotel und ca. 30 Meter vom Highway entfernt. Nach einer halben Stunde fiel mir eine merkwürdige Bewegung im Bachlauf neben mir auf. Wer einmal gesehen hat, wie sich eine Schlange im Wasser bewegt, weiss, das selbst wenn man das Tier selbst nicht sieht, die einzigartige Bewegung der Wellen verrät, dass sich hier eine Schlange durch das Wasser bewegt. Die Schlange verschwand am gegenüberliegenden Ufer. Ich hab daraufhin das Buch zur Seite gelegt und die Wasseroberfläche beobachtet.

Innerhalb einer halben Stunde habe ich mindesten 4 Schlangen beobachtet, alle von derselben Art, aber alle von unterschiedlichen Grösse. Die ersten 3 Schlangen waren zu weit entfernt, aber die letzte ist mir tatsächlich nach ein bißchen Jagd durch das Gestrüpp am Bachlauf vor die Linse geschlängelt. Es handelt sich meiner Meinung nach ziemlich sicher um eine Northern Water Snake, eine ungiftige Natternart, die recht häufig in Pennsylvania vorkommt:

Northern Water Snake

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